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Cushion Effect

Futon Mattress Degrees of Softness


A futon mattress is very similar to a regular bed mattress. When shopping for one, consider how firm you want the mattress to be Mattresses. Below is a guide to the different degrees of firmness in a mattress and the types of brands that make them.


Soft mattresses

Soft mattresses can be categorized as only soft or ultra-soft. The ultra-soft futon mattress is made with many layers and cushions the body really well. The Fusion Velotec futon mattress is a great example of one that is ultra-soft. This mattress has a 6-inch foam core and has a number of foam layers that create the ultra-soft feeling.


The soft futon mattresses do not have as much cushion but are still very soft with lots of layers and soft foam. If you sit on these, you will definitely sink a bit lower. Examples of the thin futon mattress include the Luxury Futon Mattress and the Quasar Futon Mattress.


Medium mattresses

The next category of futon mattresses is characterized as a medium in softness. These range from those on the softer side to those on the firmer side. The medium soft beds have an extra foam like the soft springs but have a bit more polyester to make it slightly stronger than a soft bed. Good examples of these include the Saturn Futon Mattress, the Haley 90, and the Aries Futon Mattress.


Cushion Effect


The next level up is what are characterized as medium. These include the Phoenix, the Mercury and the Pulsar mattress. Usually, these have layers of foam, but the top layer is a polyester layer making it a bit more firm. This means the bed won't sink down a lot when you sit on it, but will still be bouncy when lying down. There is more support from these, but the mattresses are not firm. Finally, in the medium category, you have the medium firm mattress.


These include the Simmons Monarch, the Galaxy Innerspring, and the Cotton Coil mattresses. A lot of times, these mattresses will have an inner spring, similar to a regular bed mattress allowing the mattress to be firmer. The coils are usually surrounded by foam making these beds comfortable, but still firm.


When the mattress does not have springs, the inner core is a lot thicker, making the mattress less plush and stronger. These medium-firm mattresses are usually recommended by doctors since they are strong enough to give you more back support, but still soft enough for your body to merge into.